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How to unlock your full potential as a poker player ...

… by developing a powerful mindset and improving your performance

Karim Chelli
Mindset- & Performance Coach
for poker players

Learn how to unlock your full potential by becoming mentally unstoppable and perform on your highest level whenever you want to.
  • Create a bulletproof mindset and develop powerful new habits
  • Become super confident in your decision making and increase your win rate
  • Get rid of tilt, anxiety, and all kinds of self-sabotage forever
With my help you will constantly improve your poker results and unlock your full potential without spending hours figuring it out yourself or wasting time watching training videos.

What I Do

I support poker players to unlock their full potential by developing powerful habits and removing self-sabotage
The goal of my training: Become unstoppable and increase your win rate by performing on you highest level


  • Professional Poker Players
  • Semi Professional Poker Players
  • Motivated people who want to have the best out of life

I helped dozens of poker players to get a bulletproof mindset & perform on demand in the last 3 years.


  • Improving your performance to be more focused and make better decisions the tables
  • Getting rid of bad habits and replacing them with powerful new habits
  • Building and maintaining a mindset that helps you overcome every challenge of your life and career
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About Karim Chelli


Founder & Head Coach Karim Chelli

Karim helps poker players to unlock their full potential. He is specialised in helping his clients to improve their mindset and performance in the most efficient and sustainable way.

He helps them to increase their win rate and become mentally unstoppable by developing powerful new habits with them.

Karim has been there himself and knows how it feels to underperform, because of self-sabotage and different mindset challenges. He played poker for many years and knows the challenges poker players face on a daily basis.

Karim understands your frustration and has been through this journey.
He now helps countless others to build a bulletproof mindset and boost their performance.

Your goal is easily achieved if you have a proven concept that allows you to improve week by week.


How does the application-process look?

1. You apply for a free strategy call.

In the first step you have to go to my short application form. By filling it out you are giving me some information about your current situation and yourself so I know how I can best help you.

2. A team member will call you and interview you.

In the second step me or a member of my team will give you a short call to interview you. It will take 10 minutes to ask you some questions about the things that you want to accomplish and what obstacles are keeping you from achieving your goals.

3. We coordinate an appointment together.

In the last step we will coordinate an appointment together where we both have 45-60 minutes for a free strategy call. In our call we will create an individual step by step plan to reach your goals from your current situation.

Client Results

“I learned how to control my anger and reached a new level of performance”

Georgi V.

  • Problem: Georgi is a professional poker player and business owner and dealt with a lot of tilt during his sessions. He also dealt with a lot of self sabotage, which had a huge impact on his results
  • Solution: I showed him how to deal with his anger and how he can turn it into motivation. I also showed him how he can get rid of self-sabotage and how he can improve his schedule.
  • Result:  He is now able to stay super calm in stressful situations, which helped him to make better decisions and skyrocket his results. Additionally, he overcame a few other mindset challenges that he faced for a long time, which gave him more confidence in his business, poker and private life.
“My performance and results went through the roof”

Stephen R.

  • Problem: Stephen is a poker player, twitch streamer and manager of a poker stable. When we started to work together, he wanted to reach a new level of performance to improve in all areas of life.
  • Solution:  I showed him how he can reach peak performance on demand and also improved his mindset regarding poker streaming and his managing position.

  • Result: He is now able to handle every area in his life with ease and also improved his poker results & twitch streams. He also reached a new level of performance, which lead him to have more confidence in his streams, poker and business life.
“I was able to overcome my self-sabotage and moved up in stakes”

Samuel S.

  • Problem: Sam is a highstakes poker player, but always dealt with different forms of self sabotage. He also had strong tilt issues and a huge downswing before we started to work together.
  • Solution: I showed him how to overcome these forms of self-sabotage and how to deal better with his tilt. I also showed him unique techniques how he can perform at a peak state on demand.

  • Result: Sam evolved into one of the most calm and relaxed players I ever seen. With my help he was able to get out of his downswing and move up in stakes.

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