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How Dozens Of Poker Players Around The World Are Unlocking Their Full Potential By Developing Powerful Habits And Removing Self-Sabotage

Karim Chelli has personally trained dozens of poker players all across the world how to improve their winrate, maximize theirfocus and crush the games.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This FREE Video Training:
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes when working on your poker mindset
  • Why tilt, anxiety and other emotions are costing you more money than you think
  • How to create a bulletproof mindset and develop powerful new habits
  • How to gain an edge over you competition, no matter which stakes you play, within just 3 simple steps
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Unlock Your Full Potential And Gain An Edge On & Off The Tables

I Support Poker Players To Crush The Games By Building Powerful New Habits And Removing Self-Sabotage

The Goal Of My Training: Become The Best Poker Player You Can Be


  • Professional poker players
  • Semi professional poker players
  • Poker players who don't have 2-3 years to try to figure this stuff out on their own

I helped dozens of poker players to gain an edge on the poker tables in the last year


  • Improving your mindset, so you can handle all kinds of emotions & thoughts with ease
  • Creating strong emotional triggers that put you into a high performing stay on demand
  • Gain a better life outside of poker, which will help you to boost your results as well

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Who is Karim Chelli?

I was born in a small village near Vienna, Austria. As I became older, I felt that my life was too heavily shaped by society’s norms and established rules. I tried many things but was never fulfilled and felt that I wasn’t living up to my potential.

I decided that it was time to change things and take control. In my teenage years, I was shy and introverted but I worked on myself to change this. I decided I wanted to help others do the same and so I started my first business as a dating coach, helping guys find a girlfriend.

Helping guys find a girlfriend was beautiful but I realized that the biggest problem that nearly every guy had was their mindset.
That’s why I switched from coaching dating to coaching mindset. I now work with entrepreneurs and professionals
on how to improve their productivity and adopt a stronger mindset in their work. I learned a lot about psychology and business throughout this time.

A few months later, at one of my speeches in Vienna, a well-known poker player approached me and told me that my knowledge would be super helpful to poker players. Since them, I have worked with poker players all around the world
on a daily basis to help them improve their mindset and performance.

Founder & Head Coach Karim Chelli. He also plays poker on a regular basis, but mindset is his biggest passion.

The Signup Process

Since I receive so many weekly requests, I implemented a process in order to efficiently guide through new applicants. These are the next steps in order to solicit your request:

You apply for a free strategy call

In the first step, you will have one chance to apply for you own FREE strategy call. This information will help me advise you properly and see if you are a qualified candidate.

A team member will call you and interview you

In the second step, a member of my team or me will give you a short call to interview you. It will take 10 minutes to ask you some questions about your current situation, what you want to accomplish, what obstacles you might face and how we can help you bridge this gap..

We coordinate an appointment together

In the last step, we will coordinate an appointment together for 45-60 minutes for the FREE strategy call. Once I get a glimpse of who you are and how you might fit in, I will decide whether you get to join the mentoring program or not. No matter the outcome, you will receive feedback from me what happens next.

Client Success Stories

“I Learned How To Control My Anger And Improved My Performance”

-Georgi V.

Problem: Georgi is a professional poker player and business owner who dealt with a lot of tilt. He also fought with a lot of self sabotage, which had a huge impact on his results.

Solution: I showed him how to deal with his anger and how he can turn it into motivation. We also talked about how he can get rid of self-sabotage and improve his schedule.

Result: He is now able to stay super calm in high-pressure situations, which helped him to make better decisions and skyrocket his results. Additionally, he overcame a few other mindset challenges that he faced for a long time, which gave him more confidence in his business, poker and private life.

“I Was Finally Able To Unlock My Full Potential As A Poker Player”

- Max S.

Problem: Max was already a very good poker player before he came to me. One of his biggest challenges was that he wanted to unlock his full potential as a poker player.

Solution: We worked a lot on improving his performance, dealing better with the ups- & downs of poker and optimized certain routines away from the poker table.

Result: Max has improved his performance tremendously and know now exactly how to deal with all kinds of emotions that come up during his grind.

“I Know Now How Powerful Working With A Mindset Coach Can Be”

- Kunal P.

Problem: Kunal never worked with a mindset coach before, so he was completly new to this topic. His biggest challenge were the emotions that came up during his poker grind. These emotions led him to make costly mistakes.

Solution: We talked about this and many other topics, like improving his mindset on and off the poker tables, letting go of tilt and adding powerful routines to his life.

Result: Kunal performs now better then ever on the poker tables. He also knows now how important it is to work on his mindset and track his performance.

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