10x your live poker winnings

  • 12 Hours of Content & Unique Live Poker Strategies
  • Performance & Mindset Journals Made for Live Poker
  • Powerful Guided Meditation Audios With Instant Impact
  • 1 Year Discord Community Access to Talk About Strategy & Connect to Like-Minded Individuals
  • Lifetime Access With Regular Updates

What's Inside the Live Poker Mastery Course?

This isn't just like any other poker course - it's a journey made for you to significantly increase your live poker winnings.

We will dive deep into every detail you need to know about multiplying your live poker winnings, by exploiting your opponents and improving your mindset & performance.

Here's what you'll receive:

  • 12 Hours of Content & Unique Live Poker Strategies
  • Performance & Mindset Journals Made for Live Poker
  • Powerful Guided Meditation Audios With Instant Impact
  • 1 Year Discord Community Access to Talk About Strategy & Connect to Like-Minded Individuals
  • Lifetime access with regular updates

Join A Community Full Of Crushers

As a member of the tilt buster family, you'll gain access to our exclusive DISCORD community, connecting you with like minded individuals to share and discuss. This private channel offers you a network of support, so you never feel alone on this journey.

See Fast Results With The Performance & Mindset Journals

I am dedicated to your success and want to ensure you have all the resources needed to see fast results.

My specially crafted journal accompanies you along with the course, guiding you through reflection and actionable steps, while you are improving your poker performance and exploitative play.

With the performance journal, it's never been easier to unlock your full potential playing live poker.

Be Optimally Prepared with Powerful Meditation Audios

To make sure you are optimally prepared for your live poker sessions, you will gain access to a valuable collection of powerful guided meditations and visualizations designed to help you increase your win rate fast.

These special audio recordings will provide you with additional support, ready to accompany you whenever and wherever you need them, making your journey to increasing your poker winnings even smoother.

Hear What Others Say

Don't just take my word for it. Listen to stories from my clients who were able to 10x their live poker winnings:


Tim Chung


Leo Worthing Leese

Grzegorz Kozieja


Who You'll Learn From - Karim Chelli

Karim Chelli was born in a small village near Vienna, Austria. As he became older, he realized that he never lived up to his full potential.

After working on himself for many years he started his first business as a dating & relationship coach, helping guys to find a girlfriend.

Karim worked a few years with men all over the world on improving their dating life & relationships until he realized that his coaching could have an even bigger impact on his clients if he focuses on their mindset, rather than only dating.

He started to work with entrepreneurs and professionals, before he specialized his coaching on poker players.

Today Karim helps poker players all around the world to gain a mental game edge and unlock their full potential on and off the poker tables.

Why I Created This Course

From working with hundreds of poker players all over the world I realized that many poker players don't have the live poker results they should have.

Many times it is because they haven't prepared optimally, or they just play strict GTO strategy without adjusting their game based on tells of their opponents.

This is not just costing them a tremendous amount of EV and money, but also TIME.

I know that there is a huge edge to gain in live poker if you know how to do it. My goal is to help you to 10x your poker live winnings, by providing you with all the tools you need.

How You Will 10x Your Poker Live Winnings

Module 1 | Setting Yourself Up For Success

In the first module, we delve into the essential elements for a successful live poker trip. Starting by planning your trip, crafting your optimal playing schedule and learning about the basics of live poker vs online poker.

Module 2 | Preparation & Mindset

In the second module you will learn how you can prepare yourself in the best possible way to increase your poker winnings. We will talk about selling action, how to adjust your study routine, and the first things you should do after arriving at your live stop.

Module 3 | Playing, Winning & Celebrating

In the third module we dive into the most crucial part of your success: How to read the body language of your opponents. We will also learn about how we can make sure to not get exploited ourselves, which will boost your win rate immediately.

Module 4 | Body Language Breakdowns

In the fourth module I will guide you through multiple body language breakdowns of well known poker players, streamers, and crushers and analyze their tells in depth. This module will provide you with practical examples to make it extremely easy for yourself to start spotting tells right away.

Module 5 | Live Stop Preparation Calls (Bonus)

Last but not least, I will give you access to a special bonus module, in which I invited high level poker players to talk with me together about their experience with live poker and how they were able to make live changing money while traveling around the world.

Join Today

Join Today

  • 12 Hours of Content
  • Performance & Mindset Journals
  • Powerful Guided Meditation Audios
  • 1 Year Discord Community Access
  • Lifetime access

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