A Few Of My Client Wins

Steven is a blind poker player & streamer and made a huge development while working with me

Anthony is a high stakes crusher and made reached the next level of his mental game

Mihael is a young poker player, streamer and stable owner who became able to play his A-Game every single session.

Since Mehdi and I worked together he became one of the top players in the high stakes European poker world.

George is an elite PLO Player who was able to bring his mindset back to an athlete level after a down phase

Quentin is a french high stakes MTT player who was able to reach a six figure bankroll with my coaching

Marius was a semi professional poker player who became one of top players in his local casino and increase his income through poker

Sander is a poker player and streamer who never did any mindset work before. Since working with me he has made multiple six figures.

Karo is a high stakes cash game player. Together we made it possible to bring his performance to the next level.

Jascha was able to get rid of his tilt issues and moved up in stakes.

Henrik is a high stakes cash game player from Sweden who was able to find a new passion for the game and life.

Mark was facing one of his biggest downswings in his career and was able to turn it around within 2-3 months